Water Damage Tips

Here are some important things to do, but 1st contact Mirage Carpets 702-442-1126 so we can get a team of professionals to you home fast!

* First determine what caused the water loss and shut off the source of the problem.
* Now determine what type of water it is? Is it fresh water, grey water or sewage?

Of the three types of water fresh water is the easier to clean up. Grey water will come from your shower or sink and sewage is from your toilets and has to be handled differently. Sewage as well as grey water contains bacteria and the possibility of disease will be on anything in contact with this type of water. Anything that comes in contact with sewage that is porous will need to be disposed of, sheet rock, carpet, pad, clothing. Don’t touch any of these items with your hands. You will need eye protection, gloves, face mask and we wear disposable suits that protect us.

* Put your own safety first.

Avoid electrical shock.
Wear rubber boots.
Keep extension cords out of the water.
Shut the power off to the flooded area at the breaker box. Ask us (Mirage Carpets 702-442-1126) for help.

* Record details of damage, with photos or video if possible.
* Contact your insurance agent and start the claim process.
* Remove all water, place towels down or if you have a wet vacuum use this to start the process!
* Move furniture off of the wet carpet. Wipe as much excess water from wood furniture as you can and remove tabletop lamps.
* Turn the air conditioning on for maximum drying in the summer and open the windows in the winter to release trapped moist air.
* Remove any artwork and paintings from the walls if affected.
* Remove any area rugs from the floor and hang to dry outside or inside.
* Remove wet upholstery cushions from and prop them up to dry immediately.
* Remove any oriental or other type of colored rugs from the wet carpet.
* Place plastic or aluminum foil under any furniture legs that are not plastic to prevent discoloration or bleeding.
* Punch tiny holes in a sagging ceiling to relieve trapped water. Place something underneath holes beforehand to collect trapped water.
* Make sure that electrical appliances are turned off prior to standing on wet carpets or floors to prevent possible electrocution.
* Get help from the professionals at Mirage Carpets 702-442-1126 for water damage restoration service.
* Be prepared to make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to throw out.
* Store valuable papers that have been damaged in a freezer until you have time to work on them.
* Carpets must be dried within two days. Sewage-soaked carpets must be discarded. Homeowners can’t effectively dry large areas of soaked carpets themselves.
Qualified professionals are required. Contact Mirage Carpets at 702-442-1126 now!

Ensure that all interior wall cavities and structural members are completely dry. Moisture in walls can lead to mold growth, it is important to have a professional examine the walls to be sure that they are 100% dry, days are important here. Contact Mirage Carpets at 702-442-1126 now!